Hope changes everything.

It is the single defining factor for success - in life and in business. When I talk about hope I’m not talking about unsustainable spikes of happiness and enthusiasm. Hope isn’t sitting back and waiting for better days. I’m talking about lasting change.

Hope is active. Being ‘hopefull’ is a decision you make. A state of being. A way of living.

By re-igniting hope in our lives we reconnect with our purpose. With purpose comes meaning. And with meaning we’re energised to re-engage with life - to kick-start our dreams, take on new challenges, stay focused, unleash our creativity, and see new possibilities.

Hope opens us up to life. And when obstacles strike, hope keeps us up in life.

Meet Glen

Meet Glen

"I can tell you first hand how life-changing hope can be.

It’s thanks to an illness as a teenager that I am who I am today - and blessed to be changing the lives of thousands of people every day.

At aged 17 I was a Queensland representative sprinter set for a promising career in athletics, with a dream of going to the Olympics. Then life took a sudden and dramatic turn when I was diagnosed with the incurable disease, Ulcerative Colitis. My sporting dreams were shattered.

I had a choice: let it defeat me, or fight back & create a life I was proud to lead."


"With the $2 I had left from my disability pension, I started a Youth Centre in my hometown. At the time the city had very little to keep young people entertained and out of trouble. Through sponsorship and fundraising I developed a fully functional youth venue, with sporting, Internet and entertainment facilities. It quickly grew to having over 800 members. My efforts were soon recognised nationally as Young Australian of the Year for Queensland, Community Service in 1998. And it’s all grown from there."


"Today I get to meet and speak to people young and old across Australia and the globe. It’s an honour to witness the change that being ‘hopefull’ has made in their lives.

I invite you to see what re-igniting hope can do for you
– in your life, in your family, in your work, in your organisation."

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For the past twelve years Glen has made speaking and writing his career. Collectively he has spoken to over 500,000 people around the world. He works with children and parents, high school students, employees and business leaders, sporting groups and community organisations. In 2012 he received international accreditation as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). He’s spoken at world famous TEDx events, appeared on the Today Show and Can of Worms, ABC national radio, and written blogs for mamamia.com. He’s written four books — Gifted for Greatness, Men of Honour, Oxygen 102, Get Your Hopes Up.

Glen lives in Sydney’s leafy North Shore with his beautiful wife, three daughters and son.

Meet Glen


For businesses
The HopeFull Organisation

A series of one-on-one and group seminars that drive sustainable growth for businesses; fostering stronger leadership and more actively engaged teams and individuals.

For schools
The HopeFull Institute

The HopeFull Institute runs seminars that engage and strengthen the whole school community. Our seminars are research-based and geared around progressive educational agendas, empowering young people in an increasingly complex world.



Glen’s books are published by Freedom House Publishing.
  • Gifted for Greatness

    A book that teaches children that they each possess very unique and marvelous gifts which need to be appreciated and nurtured in order to flourish. The earlier on they understand this universal truth the greater its potential impact.

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  • Men of Honour

    You may have been born a male but to become a man is your choice.

    This young man’s guide equips boys to make right life decisions as they transition from boy to man.

    Whether at school, in sport, at work or in relationships we must develop our character to achieve success, grasp opportunities and best experience the thrills life has on offer.

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  • Oxygen: 102 Doses of Inspiration

    All of us need Oxygen. Inspiration is just as vital to us as the air we breathe. With 102 lessons on life, this book is a step-by-step guide to help you live the life you've always dreamed of. Consisting of a short inspirational message and a practical activity, each dose will inject you with hope & courage to help you squeeze everything out of each day.

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  • Get Your Hopes Up

    Have you ever been told ‘don't get your hopes up!’ or been talked out of trying a new idea in case you fail?

    This book will help you discover your purpose, realise your potential and live a life that counts. Glen shares his own story and draws on the journeys of others throughout history that have climbed over adversity and achieved greatness.

    'Get Your Hopes Up' is a revised edition of the previously published 'Hope'.

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What people are saying

Whether I’m talking to someone one-on-one, to ten business leaders, or a room full of thousands of students or employees, my purpose is to get people to really hear what I have to say, and for them to leave compelled to take action in their lives. I have the privilege of realising that purpose every day.

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